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Friday, July 15, 2005

Well it was Emmy nomination time again yesterday and once again the Academy succeeds in disappointing us. The snubbing of Nicolette Sheridan and Harriet Harris of Desperate Housewives is the Academy's biggest blunder since they failed to nominate Carol Lynley for Outstanding Guest Actress for her riveting performance as a high fashion model shot and parallyzed by Crocker in "Kiss It All Goodbye" on Kojak way back in 1977!

My Lost boys too were overlooked by Emmy. Only the well-deserving Naveen Andrews and Terry O'Quinn got nominated but Matthew Fox, Josh Hollaway (for smouldering sexiness like no else can and for his near exposed butt shot in the lake) and Dominic Monaghan too should of been named along side them. As for the Lost ladies Yunjin Kim broke hearts as the put-upon Korean wife who secretly learned English and should have been nominated in place of those tired old broads Tyne Daly from Judging Amy and Stockard Channing of The West Wing.

Finally what's up with all those nominations for Will and Grace! This show is soooo over and was literally unwatchable this year save for the Bobby Cannavale episodes. Wolf, wolf!


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