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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Though I am loath to recommend watching anything on American Movie Classics since they added commercials and stopped broadcasting movies in widescreen, they are showing an great quadruple bill chock full of starlets beginning Wed. morning July 27 at 6:00AM EST. First travel with Ann-Margret, Carol Lynley and Pamela Tiffin as they set Madrid on fire as single gals far from home in The Pleasure Seekers (1964). Then spiral down into the Valley of the Dolls (1967) with those gorgeous pill-poppers Barbara Parkins and Sharon Tate, and the not so gorgeous Patty Duke who thankfully never sang again on the big screen.

At 10AM, Diane Varsi is good girl Alison MacKenzie, Lana Turner is her secretive mom Connie, and Hope Lange is rape victim Selena Cross in the dreary Peyton Place (1957). Better is the trashy 1961 sequel Return to Peyton Place at 1PM. Carol Lynley in her Sandra Dee period takes over as Alison, Eleanor Parker is Connie, and Tuesday Weld is the new Selena. The town throws a hissy fit when Alison writes an expose about her beloved Peyton Place and includes "the whole dirty story of Selena Cross." Lynley and Weld strive to outdo each other and both come off wooden. Mary Astor steals the movie as a bigoted mother who calls Alison's novel "a piece of trash" before dumping it in the waste basket. You may want to do the same with your TV after watching all four of these camp classics.


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