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Monday, December 12, 2005

I've finally settled on 45 actresses to be included in my new book and below are a list of gals that I cannot find any contact information for despite my exhaustive search. MIA are

Pamela Austin, Bettina Brenna, Eve Bruce, Arlene Charles, Suzanne Charny, Corinne Cole, Jo Collins, Dee Duffy, Anitra Ford (above), Marianne Gaba, Mary Grover, Ena Hartman, Susan Holloway, Teri Hope, Alena Johnston, China Lee, Jacki Ray (a.k.a. former Mrs. Tom Selleck), Pamela Rodgers, Corinna Tsopei, Jan Watson, and Delores Wells.

If any one has any leads or contact information for these starlets at-large and can share, please let me know.


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