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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another recent DVD release that I have looked forward to for awhile is the second half of the third season of the 60s TV series Lost in Space. To compete against the campiness of Batman, which it was on up against, Lost in Space went mod in season 3 with colorful costumes, Marta Kristen as Judy and Angela Cartwright as Penny clad in mini-dresses and coiffured 60s hairstyles, and less episodes focusing only on Billy Mumy as Will and Jonathan Harris as Dr. Smith.

Most of my favorite episodes are contained here. "Target: Earth" when alien duplicates replace the Robinson family and head to Earth to destroy it; "Space Beauty" where Dr. Smith tricks Judy into entering an intergalatic beauty pageant; and the infamous "The Great Vegatable Rebellion" where Will and Judy have to save the rest of the them from a giant talking carrot.

But my all-time fav is "The Promised Planet" featuring a bunch of go-go dancing teenagers who can't grow up who imprison the Robinson family and try to brainwash teens Will and Penny into joining their group so they can use their blood to mature. Of course, Dr. Smith tries to pass himself off as a hippie in typical Dr. Smith bungling fashion. Watching Jonathan Harris and Angela Cartwright do the "Penny Dance" every time a horn blows is worth the price of the DVD alone! This also features a hot young actor named Gil Rogers who plays Bartholomew the teen's leader clad in tighty tights who stands out, literally and figuratively. "Danger Will Robinson! Bartholomew's packing a lethal weapon!"


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